Public Transport Management

ITracePartners has prooved experience in the analysis, design and implementation of public transport solutions that offer effective and efficient results. We work for both the private sector and the public sector, seeking to identify and add value to its public transport offer.

Public transport planning uses a variety of tools to optimize the design and provision of public transport. We offer experience in all areas of the planning of public transport operations, from the development of policies to the implementation of state-of-the-art technological solutions.


Featured solutions:

  • Urban and rural bus networks development

  • Bus infrastructure design and development

  • Prioritization of public transport

  • Evaluation of options

  • Accessibility planning

  • Analysis and advice on public transport operations

  • Integrated services for the planning and coordination of public transport

  • Implementation of public transport management systems


See some of our customer references for consultancies in Public Transport Management:

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San Pio X 2460, of. 1802, Providencia, Santiago, Chile

Tel. +562 2421 0996

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